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The Courier/Parcel industry is constantly growing and if your business is not part of this growing industry then you might be loosing out of the extra income that you could generate for your business.

As you are aware that major players in this industry in UK are DHL, UPS, TNT & FedEx collecting and delivering thousands to millions of parcels and documents every day in UK and worldwide. These major courier carriers do not currently take any new direct agents but have assigned to some major distributors who produce huge volume of orders per day. You as a new business in this industry will not be able to generate huge volume initially and so if you want to become an agent then you will have to be part of these major distributors.

We help small business to Become an Agent with these courier carriers and we are currently looks for small businesses who wants to become a Courier Agent (DHL, UPS, TNT & FedEx) and offer courier services in their local area.

Contact us today if you are interested in becoming an agent for these courier services in UK.