If you are in the UK, we all know that UPS provides international courier service to people so they can send parcels from the UK to anywhere in the world.

So if you have a shop or office in the UK and if you want a collection or drop-off service and want to increase your footfall, then just provide us your details at this link or click the above tab “Become Courier Agent“, and we will send the system login details so you can access and learn how things work.

We will provide you with video training as well. There are team members who are in support to help you out. WhatsApp and call support services are also available; just provide your details and we will create the account for you.

How do UPS Drop-Off services help your business?

Basically, once we can give you the details, you will have access to a system where you can control UPS and DHL services, but only UPS provides Drop off location service, not DHL.

UPS Drop Off Location

Once you start promoting this service to your local customers, through your shop or office, they can send parcels to their friends, family, or business. This increases many things for a shop or office, like footfalls and revenue, and your customers will start referring to others and telling them about the services.

Once you get the system, remember to make your Google business profile and add in the services that you provide: UPS Drop Off service, DHL & UPS courier service.

Why do you need to add it to your Google business profile? Because many people search on Google like this: “ups drop off near me,” if that customer lives near your shop and they go to Google and type this, your shop address and services will show up to him because you have UPS drop off location service.

How much do you get paid to be a UPS Access Point?

The profit comes after you provide services to your customers. For example, if your local customer wants to send a parcel to India and you book a UPS order, the agent rate in the system will be shown to you, and you can input the customer rate of your choice. You pay the agent rate and make profit from the customer rate by inputting a high rate.

In the training, everything is mentioned, including how to do it and how it works in detail, so you won’t get confused.

How do UPS access points or drop-offs work?

Once we get the business address from you, this address will be linked to the main UPS system, so when a customer wants to send a parcel from another country to the UK, then your address will be shown as an access point for that customer who wants to send a parcel to the UK.

The delivery driver will drop the parcel at your shop and notify the receiver that the parcel is at your shop.

The parcel receiver might be living cost to your shop, so he or she will come and pick up the parcel from your shop, and you get certain commission. If you want to know more details, the support team will help you once the account created.

So if you want to become a UPS agent or franchise for sending parcels, collections, access points, or drop-off location services, then sign up today and enjoy the system along with more other services inside.

Is this UPS Collection or Drop off Location Service FREE?

Yes, the system we provide is free; you just need to top it up in your account and use it. Video training is provided.

Will I get UPS franchise?

NO, this is not a UPS franchise; we provide you with a system where you will find lots of services along with UPS, like DHL, UK Network Mobile Top Up, International Mobile Top Up, Calling Cards, and more.

The system uses API directly connected to the UPS company so all the details comes directly from UPS.

Can we become UPS Agent from outside UK countries?

No, we provide the system only to UK local shop owners and offices. You must have a UK business address, a UK mobile number, and a UK business name.