Local Shop Owners Must Add Business Details to Yell

I believe that as a local business owners you know about Yellow pages, if you do not know about Yellow pages then lots of customers are going to the competitors and making their business grow faster. Here you will learn exactly how to add your business to Yell and get customers from it.

Basically Yell is very similar to Google business just the difference is that people search in Google search engine to show Google Business list and in Yell people has to search for the service in yell search engine.

Now you would be thinking, Why people will go to Yell to search, why not Google search engine? Yes your thinking is absolutely right but the stats speaks itself, there are over 1.8 millions visitors per month in Yell to search for services.

Yes people do visit Yell and look for the services, that is because people already knows that Yell is a local business directories and they know that Yell is the right place to search for the right services. If you search is Google plenty of website will show up and make you confuse that is why people visit Yell and look for the services.

Here are the list of some good benefits if you add your business to yell.

free listing yell

1. They provide FREE business profile page which can be customize anytime from anywhere whether through desktop or mobile which is very good for your business as this profile get indexed in many Search engines not only Google.


2. As soon as business is added in Yell it automatically added to Yell mobile app so people also can find out your service through mobile device

3. Automatically included to local Yellow business page which is the UK’s Leading print directory.  According to stats 76% of home users have it.

4. Instantly shows in Google Search engine professionally and also when people search for services locally 99% Yell business profile links show’s up in number one page of Google.

5. It’s 100% FREE to list your business.

Yell also have paid marketing feature where you will get lots of customers quicker and faster for very cheap cost, for that details you need to contact Yell at 0800 555 444 and they will help you to show your business profile in the top of their category listing.

I believe after reading through all these features and benefits you should add your business details straight away.

Before adding make sure you get ready with business details and take few images of your shop or office outside and inside so people can visualizes before coming.

Make sure you provide your website details and write about your business services properly in Yell so people can understand better to make good decision before coming and this also help Google and Yell to show the business profile to the right customer, for example you can visit Mobile Links profile.

Study and understand how properly they have mentioned their service in details and provided some images to look better, if you have video promotion that would be wonderful.

Add your business now in Yell and if you have any question please do contact us.