Best Video Marketing Ways for Local Business

Here we will explain why video marketing is the best option for local business owners to express their services or products online. Video marketing is the easiest marketing option among all the internet marketing more details are provide below keep on reading.

As we all know about Youtube, according to Alexa Youtube comes under the top 5 ranking website in the world which explains that Youtube is the best video sharing site and as local business owner you have the opportunities to promote your business to the people who might looking for the services or products.

Here are the ways to do video marketing and upload to Youtube.

    1. Take any camera and stand infront of it and start talking about your product or services in short so people can get a brief idea. This is the easiest and the best way to promote through Youtube because people like to see a person behind the business which builds a trust between buyer and seller.
    2. You can hire a professional spokesperson who will explain about your business professionally. To get a professioanl spokeman it is very cheap, you can simply visit fiverr and search for spokesperson plenty of user are providing this services for $5.
    3. Explain your business through an animated video, in this type video you can explain everthing so the customer can get the basic idea before coming to your store. Through fiverr you can make animated video for very cheap price starting from $5.
    4. If you want to make video by yourself then you can use Animoto service to make quick video and upload to Youtube. Basically gather some images of your services or products, upload those images to Animoto, produce the video and export to your Youtube channel.
    5. Another great way to build trust from the customer is to make a Testimonial Vidoe. What you have to do is that when a customer is happy from your services or product ask them whether they can make a short video and explain why he/she is happy using your product or services, in return give them some discount or offers. If you can make plenty of Testimonial videos and upload to Youtube this will give lots of visitors to your website or store.
    6. Try whiteboard animation video, we have also provided an example below so you can understand how the whiteboard animation video works. You can order through fiverr and make plenty of whiteboard animation video and upload to your Youtube channel

These are the best video marketing ways to promote your business and get more customers to your store.

We recommend you to use all the methods and expand the business through Youtube as much as you can, the more people views the video the more explosure it will be.

After uploading the videos to Youtube make sure you do socail bookmarking of the Youtube URL so it gets spread through internet and more backlinks is generated.

Don’t only depend on Youtube for video marketing, there are plenty of video sharing sites like vimeo, dailymotion and so on, upload all your videos on others as well.

Here you can download the 40 video sharing site list and upload all your video in all this sites.

After every upload make sure you provide good quality description under every video so people can also read your description before visiting your website or store.

If you do not have the time to do all the video marketing ways then we can help you out, we will do all this video marketing for your business details and prices are below.

We will make the video, upload to all the 40 video sharing site and social bookmark each and every video URL for £25, click the buy button and place the order, after completing the order please contact us and provide us your business details like

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Short Description about your Business
  • Business Type
  • Images of your shops (provide us as much as images you can)
  • Anything else that we should know it


If you have Yell or Google Business profile link then just provide us the link and we will take the details from there and make the video.